About Gold Colostrum

Gold Colostrum is the first milk, a unique fluid secreted by female goats immediately after giving birth. In a concentrated form it contains a variety of biologically active agents which optimise and enhance the body's immune system. It is a purely natural product personally verified by generations of healthy kids. The milk is collected after the new-borns have had their first feed.

Our Company

We deliver premium goat colostrum and goat colostrum products from carefully selected farms.

Our extensive personal experience inspired us to develop a purely organic goat farm and to establish the GOLD COLOSTRUM company in 2010. Up to this point the product did not exist and it was almost impossible to get hold of. We wanted to change that. Why? It was on a personal level that we first saw it for ourselves, when goat colostrum achieved a higher rate of success in the treatement of various diseases than conventional medication. We had the opportunity to witness its positive effects firsthand on our family members. Ladislav´s daughter Bára had been a successful swimmer for many years. Her promising career was in danger of being cut short when doctors diagnosed her with pulmonary vascular disease arising from pool water and forbade her to swim. Her father wanted to find a solution and so he met doctor MUDr. Radan Gocal, who suggested that they should try goat colostrum. It was very complicated to get hold of but eventually he succeeded.

"I visited many, many farms to get goat colostrum but eventually I brought some home in a small, unlabelled jar."

Bára took goat colostrum twice a day and after three days, there was a significant improvement in her condition. Regular uses healed her completely and she returned to swim at a competitive level.

After this amazingly positive experience, Ladislav Smejkal and MUDr. Radan Gocal joined together with one single goal; to help and heal as many people as possible.

Guarantees of the highest quality

Colostrum is extracted exclusively from the first milk after feeding the kids, so it contains the most valuable substances that actively build immunity. The milk is only collected from carefully selected farms in the Czech and Slovak Republic and in New Zealand.

Colostrum is processed almost instantly using a unique technology – freeze drying or lyophilisation, which removes water from the milk at very low temperatures, which drop to below minus 80 degrees Celsius. Hence, unlike other processing techniques a maximum quantity of active substances remain in the milk.

Benefits from the first milk

By significantly strengthening the immune system, goat colostrum serves primarily as an ideal illness prevention for both adults and children. Moreover it is also a great supporting medium in the treatment of these diseases:

  • allergic rhinitis, asthma and chronic bronchitis
  • upper respiratory tract infection
  • herpes and thrush
  • autoimmune diseases
  • boreliosis

It also significantly aids overall recovery after illness or surgery, and is widely used after chemotherapy treatments.



GOLD COLOSTRUM boosts the immune system. It contains many vitamins and minerals whilst ensuring proper nutrition for young bodies and it helps to make them stronger. It effectively fights the creation and effects of allergies and eczema, improves intestinal microflora and helps with digestive diseases such as diarrhoea and colic. Kids will have more energy and their immunity will be stronger.


GOLD COLOSTRUM is a great and effective way to keep in shape and vital in these hurried times. We live in a fast-paced world with our hectic life-styles weakening our immune system and making us more prone to viruses and diseases. GOLD COLOSTRUM helps your immune system and also positively affects mental balance. Natural taurine energises the body and real vitamin A slows skin aging.


GOLD COLOSTRUM improves the quality of human life, no matter how old you are. Seniors appreciate its help in reducing the impact of arthrosis, arthritis and osteoporosis. GOLD COLOSTRUM supplies the muscles and bones with extra energy. Growth factors accelerate body tissue recovery. At the same time, colostrum improves concentration and brain activity.

in sickness

GOLD COLOSTRUM is your protective shield against cancer, respiratory diseases, various forms of skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis or digestive diseases. It shortens the time of treatment, as well as wound healing, and it is preventive as well as reactive. It also helps to strengthen your immune system so you can focus on your life without illnesses slowing you down.


GOLD COLOSTRUM is an important source of energy for the human body and its muscles. It improves athletic performance and endurance and helps speed up the recovery period after physical exercise. In combination with appropriate diet and exercise, it contributes to the growth of muscle mass.

baby goats

We ensure that the baby goats get every mouthful, of these important nutrients, that they require for a strong and healthy start in life. Our goats are kept in comfortable environments and lead happy and stress-free lives to ensure the milk and youngsters are at their very best.



Although GOLD COLOSTRUM is officially ”only“ a dietary supplement, we are convinced of its excellence. Goat colostrum processing is a very difficult and complex process that requires patience and lot of work. We have succeeded in combining theory and practice and now can obtain and process colostrum in its purest form.

Building organic goat farms

Not only is the processing of goat colostrum difficult, building a reliable relationship and cooperation with suitable farms is not an easy process. We visit every farm personally because we consider direct contact and introducing our goals and mission face to face as the basis of future success. We are very pleased to have built solid and trusting relationships with breeders from the Czech and Slovak Republics and New Zealand.

Guarantee of the highest quality

There are a large number of required inspections during the processing of GOLD COLOSTRUM which increases the need for strict and precise organisational structures and adds financial cost. Nevertheless, inspections are necessary because even if we and the breeders do our best some samples of goat colostrum are marked as inappropriate and must be discarded. But it’s thanks to these inspections that we can provide you with the finest goat colostrum. We give you a personal guarantee of its quality with inspection reports available at any time.