Gold Colostrum - Immunity booster - 60 capsules

Gold Colostrum
Immunity booster - 60 capsules

Boost your immunity with organic GOLD COLOSTRUM, stay strong and healthy and help to protect and repair your body


GOLD COLOSTRUM contains goat colostrum – a unique fluid secreted by the nannies immediately after the birth of a baby. It contains various biologically active substances in a concentrated form such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, cytokines, vitamins, bio-minerals, growth factors, special antiviral and antibacterial agents, interferon and others.

Colostrum optimises the body's natural defence system, helping to maintain health and normal function of the immune system during intense physical exertion (eg. during training). It accelerates the subsequent regeneration and strengthens the body against fatigue. It contributes to the destruction of harmful viruses and bacteria and enhances the so-called "passive immunity".

When combined with exercise and proper diet Gold Colostrum promotes muscle growth and contributes to revitalisation of a weakened nervous system.

COMPOSITION: 100% goat colostrum 500 mg, gelatin (capsule shell) in 2 capsules.
RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 1 capsule per 25 kg of body weight per day.