Frequently Asked Questions

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GOLD COLOSTRUM is a 100% natural dietary supplement made of goat colostrum that empowers the immune system of organisms. This purely natural substance is very useful in the treatment of infections, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many other health complications that can arise as a consequence of improper or weakened immune systems. It also strengthens the body during fatigue and provides energy.

GOLD COLOSTRUM is a purely natural product. Each pill contains 500mg of pure 100% goat colostrum and the capsule´s cover consists of natural gelatin. Goat colostrum consist of immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, cytokines, folic acid, vitamins C and E B1 B2 B12, biominerals, taurine, growth factors, phosphorus and manganese.

We recommend a normal dosage of 2 pills a day. If necessary, in acute diseases and so on, it can be increased to 5 pills 3 times a day. For best results, take a pill at least half an hour before a meal.

Yes, GOLD COLOSTRUM is 100% safe and beneficial to your health. It is made of goat colostrum from organic and strictly controlled farms. Its quality, purity and positive effect is guaranteed.

No, you cannot overdose on GOLD COLOSTRUM. However, we recommend that you follow the instructions on the packaging.

No, no side effects of using GOLD COLOSTRUM have been proven.

Yes, GOLD COLOSTRUM doesn't have any negative effects in combination with other medication.

Yes, moreover, we highly recommend it. GOLD COLOSTRUM has a positive effect on many skin allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases. It can even be used by people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Yes, GOLD COLOSTRUM is protected by the utility model registration number UV 24712 and the product is registered to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic number OVZ-35.1.-15.09.2011-75302.

The food of goats is full of natural alkaloids. Goat colostrum contains literally life-giving agents. Goat colostrum is easier to digest than cow colostrum. Goat colostrum can be used even by people who suffer from an intolerance to lactose and cow’s milk. Goat colostrum contains real vitamin A, whereas cow colostrum contains only provitamin A (beta carotene). In goat colostrum, there is 20 – 40 times more taurine than in cow colostrum.

Goat colostrum is secreted by female goats for only a very short time (2-6 days). The majority of the life-supporting substances are formed during the first 24 hours after giving birth. It must be separated and processed as quickly as possible, on a daily basis, under strict sanitary and technical conditions. If colostrum is not stabilised properly, it spoils quickly and the whole effort is wasted.